Brilliant Customer Service for Service Engineers

Customer service skills for service engineers, technicians and installers

“How to differentiate your business through excellent customer service”

Half-day course with on-line learning modules

This practical training course is designed for technical engineers, maintenance and installation staff that visit customers premises or homes. It is suitable for both B2B and consumer organisations.  The training has a clear objective: to standardise, improve and raise customer service and support standards to delight customers at every opportunity.

Key sessions include:

  1. How to make every customer feel important
  2. First and last impressions best practice
  3. Connecting with customers: rapport and conversations skills
  4. Problems into opportunities and follow-up

Who will benefit

This course will help any organisation, large or small, in creating a more positive, proactive and professional service experience. It is best  attended by everybody involved in the customer service department, including administration, telephone, installation and maintenance engineers, service technicians and managers.

Training objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Establish the standards and systems that can make every customer feel special
  • Use a range of professional communication techniques, tools and skills to increase customer satisfaction, shorten calls and be memorable
  • Make a composed and confident first and last impression on each and every contact
  • Use personal skills for listening effectively and to enhance understanding
  • Apply the SPECIAL model so you can easily meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Identify different customer needs and situations quickly and competently
  • Deal with complex or multi-stage technical problems more effectively
  • Understand customer expectations and deliver more than you promise
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day and make every visit count
  • Satisfy complainers, calm upset customers and regain confidence and goodwill
  • Turn problems into opportunities and spot opportunities for referrals and repeat business

Special features

This version of our flagship ‘Brilliant Customer Service Skills’ course has been developed in consultation with members of the Domestic Appliance Service Association and leading technical, IT and outsourced support providers plus computer, AV and home appliance manufacturers. It can be further tailored to meet the needs of individual client organisations.


This course is ideal for service engineers and support staff, particularly those dealing with customers on a telephone, email or face-to-face basis.


The training is very practical and objective. Very clear and specific skills, models and techniques are covered. The focus is on improving things that are already working, not going over old ground. Participants will discuss and plan new approaches to real-life examples taken from their own situations.  Each element of the course includes:

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and team activities
  • High degree of participation and interaction

The course includes regular discussion, planning and other practical exercises to develop and practice the skills and methods presented. Presentation and exercises can be tailored to specific situations from participants’ work. The style is up-beat and motivational.

A unique feature of the course is that it addresses both the standards and the skills people use over and above their technical knowledge. The course features the SPECIAL model:

Speed and Time

Personal and personalised

Expectations – manage and exceed

Competence and courtesy



Long-term relationship and follow-through

Each of these points is related explicitly to the jobs the course participants do and their interaction with customers whether this is on the telephone, face-to-face or via email.


Course outline: 3.5 hour interactive live workshop


  • Course overview, introduction and personal objectives –

How to make every customer feel important

  • Understanding the dual expectations of every customer
  • The SPECIAL model – creating customer satisfaction naturally and consistently
  • Applying these principles to your job role and customer type – practical exercises

First and last impressions best practice

  • Brilliant first impressions – welcoming – the first thirty seconds, plus best practice checklist
  • Brilliant last impressions – making your visit memorable and checking for satisfaction
  • Understanding how we communicate and creating a positive and confident impression with your body language, eye contact, voice tone
  • Key words and phrases; tips and tricks

Connecting with customers: rapport and conversations skills

  • Ten steps to establishing rapport
  • Using good questioning skills and active listening to shorten calls, solve problems quicker, involve the customer and increase customer satisfaction
  • Practical exercises around questioning and active listening

Problems into opportunities

  • The correct way to manage expectations and share ‘bad news’ to avoid potential customer resistance and dissatisfaction
  • How best to deal with ‘difficult’ customers or situations
  • Spotting opportunities where you or your organisation can help the customer further.

Pulling it all together

  • Action planning and Learning Diary
  • Summary of key learning points

The complete training package

  • A half-day’s inter-active and entertaining training workshop for a maximum group size of 12 (8 to 10 recommended)
  • Pre-course questionnaire and course customisation.
  • A tried-and-tested course (tailored to your specific needs)
  • Printed handouts for each course participant, including invaluable reference materials for use after the course
  • A personal action plan for each participant, to help them raise their level of customer service
  • Follow-up coaching newsletters emailed to each participant over the following three months, to help them implement their action plans
  • A certificate of attendance for each course participant
  • Three months access to online learning modules, which includes video, audio and quizzes.

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