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It’s all in the name –

Welcome to Brill!ant Customer Service Training.

Customer service training is our business, it is what do, specialise in and have done for over twenty.  We offer a very customer-focused approach, as you would expect.  Our mission is to make customer service training easy and simple to run. We also make sure every course is informative, practical and relevant.

Chose the training or coaching solution that is right for you.

  1. Proven range of one-day, in-house, ready-to-run training courses – all personalised with your examples, objectives and company information  .These include, Brilliant Customer Service, Technical Support, Internal Service Skills, Service with a Sale and many more.
  2. At-the-desk skills coaching  – any training course content delivered one-to-one real-time.
  3. Anywhere and anytime. We offer a full UK coverage with team of experienced and expert professional trainers.
  4. Customised training option. Our core training courses are designed specifically to cater for a few alterations in order to make it even more relevant to your particular sector. The main sectors we cover are listed here and all the examples and case studies used in the programme can be designed accordingly. If your sector isn’t listed, don’t worry – give us a call and we’ll happily make the alterations to fit you anyway, at no extra charge.
  5. Full tailored – you might like our overall approach yet feel that it needs tailoring to your particular circumstances. Give us a call, talk us through your requirements and we’ll put you in touch directly, usually over the phone, with the most appropriate expert from our team of 30+ trainers across the country.
  6. White label, outsourced and bespoke courses – some clients prefer to start from a blank sheet of paper (you can see some examples of previous projects here). This is often the case with specialist requirements, training your clients or where the training needs to achieve key objectives. Or maybe you do not have the right in-house.
  7. Open courses – if you have just a few people to train or would prefer to send people to us, we offer a range of open courses run during the last quarter or the year.

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Of course, we also offer a range of other customer service training programmes as well. See the full list here. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Then give us a call and we’ll happily design a programme for you.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Then please just give us a call