Bespoke customer service skills e-learning and on-line training

E-learning course included

Bespoke e-learning customer service and sales courses

No venue costs, no travel, less time off-the-job, greater learning application.

We can create an on-line training customer service course delivered across all formats and devices for the same price as an off-the-shelf live customer service course training course.

All our customer service course  and sales e-learning courses are fully customised and bespoke to your exact learning and customer service training requirements.  We provide customised e-learning customer service course and sales training on-line courses for the same price or less of off-the-shelf. No development costs, from just £99 + VAT per user or learner per annum.

“Less time away from the job, plus greater impact and implementation of learning…plus fully bespoke content.”

Key benefits of bespoke e-learning customer service course solutions

  • Customer service training that is absolutely right for you. Fully bespoke and customised free – just a low annual cost per user.
  • E-learning can be accessed via mobile smart-phone, tablet and PC.

    On-line learning solutions
    On-line learning solutions
  • Customer service and sales staff can set their own pace and time to access courses.
  • Include your own company-specific customer service content. information and learning points – at no extra cost.
  • Option to drip-feed training content over time and update courses.
  • Greater retention through multiple formats and ability to repeat any part of any course.
  • Built-in scoring and marked tests and assignments.
  • Full learning management administration and reporting.
  • Cost effective – highly scalable, no travel or venue costs.
  • Less time away from the job, all learning content on-line via PC, tablet or smart phone
  • On-line training courses contain videos, audio, text, quizzes, test, assignments.
  • All customer service learning content and design of training customised to meet your requirements, free of charge in most cases.
  • Simply charged at one low annual subscription charge per user, from £99 +VAT

A smarter way to do customer service and sales training: e-learning and smart phone training

Customer service training topics available for customised e-learning development

We offer top-quality e-learning customer service training solutions, in a wide range of subjects, at a fixed price. All our programmes will be developed by working closely with you  and use independent subject specialists who also have outstanding knowledge of the subject and experienced in designing learning and training courses. Topic areas include:

All learning accessed on a smart phone
All learning accessed on a smart phone
  • Business writing skills
  • Customer service training
  • Call centre skills – telephone skills
  • Delegation, organising and planning for managers
  • Help-desk and IT skills
  • Internal customer service
  • Product training
  • Systems training, for example, CRM
  • Service with a sale
  • Customer retention skills
  • Hospitality and server skills
  • Induction training
  • Retail, hospitality and leisure training
  • Sales training – including account management
  • Product, software, applications and customer training
  • Industry specific training developed free. For example, property agents, software support, service engineers.

Get the benefits of live customer service and sales training and e-learning and smart-phone learning in one great package.

Learn more in less time with our new interactive smart- phone app – on all platforms! Easy to use multi-format e-learning website and smart phone access with video, podcasts, info pages, tests and quizzes.

What you get

Easy to use multi-format e-learning website and app with video, podcasts, info pages, tests and quizzes. Plus, optional on-site workshop or on-line webinar.

“We provide customised e-learning courses for the same price or less of off-the-shelf training.”

We can provide a fully tailored custom learning app building service. This solution is ideal for product training, system training, in-house training, induction, security, health and safety, etc.

Smart phones and mobile devices, as well as computers,  are now a vital part of all our work and personal lives. E-learning on phones and laptops can play a major role in improving on-the-job customer service and sales skills, knowledge and behaviours.

E-learning on tablets, phones and laptops can play a major role in improving on-the-job skills, knowledge and behaviours.

Mobile-based customer service and sales training and  learning can reduce the time away from workplace or job and also has the potential for greater impact, usability and value. Unlike traditional classroom training, it can be viewed and accessed many times over in bite-size chunks at any time; anywhere and any order.  The e-learning also contains tasks and tests suitable for accreditation. These can be created based on your specific requirements.  On-line and mobile training features

  • Unique customer service and sales learning content by experts including your own staff and training specialists
  • Easy updates and bespoke content, company information included free.
  • Video clips, podcasts, slide-shows, quizzes, top-tips, information pages, FAQ section, checklists, articles and external links.
  • An option for company branding, custom content and personalisation.
  • Includes real-time, easy to use, learner assessment, contact, comment,  survey and feedback functions.
  • Users and managers can share and communicate with other app users.
  • Option to link to social media and sites.
  • Learning management functions.

Fully bespoke customer service and sales e-learning course from just £99 + vat per person. Each e-learning course is for a full 12 months licence. No development costs in most cases. Please get in touch for full terms and conditions.

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