The Truth about High Quality Customer Service

Every business should have efficient and beneficial customer service. They must be happy to give top quality customer service, to internal and external customers. You should be giving high-quality customer service and better service compared to your competition.

In any business or organisation,

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Poorly used email is a significant source of problems for staff.

The aim of issuing email guidance on email is to improve the way that people communicate. However, an email policy helps only if people think about and apply the guidelines sensibly in their working lives.

The guidance is not

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Here are twenty-five top tips to improve and make the most out of your business writing.

Focus on lucidity or clarity 

Write so that your readers will understand your intended meaning. Articulate your thoughts so that the average person can understand them.

Use an economy of words

Short sentences are

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With the internet becoming part of our daily lives, users prefer complaining publicly about services or products. According to Conversocial, 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from companies who leave complaints unattended. But what about those customers who just did not complain and went away silently? These will

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How to handle complaints

How to handle complaints

There are several key stages to handling complaints, no matter what form or shape they take, in your business or organisation:

  • Thank the customer for complaining. Think yourself lucky that the customer is prepared to give up their time and money to let you know they
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    Seven best-practice ideas for complaint handling in writing

    Mature team leader motivate young employee by gesture to share his business ideas

    Every letter, social media message or email that goes out from your customer service team has your company’s brand in the signature line, it puts your service reputation in view. Here are some tips dealing with customer service complaints and issues in

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    Customer complaints

    In today’s internet-driven world, customers have more power than ever. A satisfied customer may share their good experience with three friends, whereas an angry customer has the potential to tell 3,000 friends in social networks and communities.  And for each customer that complains, there are anywhere from tens

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    Complaint managers or those handling dissatisfaction at all levels need to be patient, articulate, and able to balance fairly the interests of the organisation with those of the consumer. They should also be able to communicate legitimate consumer complaints to management to help determine whether there is a need for

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    Promoting good complaint handling is a key part of your work, especially if you receive complaints from time to time. Handling complaints well can turn aggrieved customers (or staff!) into loyal ones.

    Within any industry or sector, organisations with a positive philosophy and a reputation for fair complaint-management have a

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    Air behaviour is about getting things right.
    A person with this preferred style of behaviour focuses on: –

    • Detail and accuracy
    • Analysing information
    • Time to make decisions
    • The task rather than personal communication
    • Efficiency and productivity
    • Meeting targets and deadlines

    Earth behaviour is about getting things done.
    A person with

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