Technical Support and IT Help Desk Skills Training

Technical customer service skills training

Technical Service Skills 

This training combines live workshop training and on-line e-learning. Training that keeps working long after the initial course. It is full of great ideas and practical skills that users notice the difference the next day! It is ideal or both internal and external support staff. This practical in-company training course Technical Support and IT Help Desk Skills has a simple objective:

“…to raise IT and technical customer service and support standards by instructing, equipping and inspiring participants to solve problems quickly AND delight users at every opportunity. “

Six essential main topic areas

  1. Technical support role-models – learning from others.
  2. Defining your customer’s experience and how to add value.
  3. Customer service core skills – including first and last impressions, questioning and listening skills
  4. Can-do! Developing your customer personality, habits, behaviours and attitude.
  5. Best-practice communication skills – Telephone skills, email etiquette and written skills, face to face communication
  6. Problems into opportunities – the skills and techniques for service recovery.

Participants will acquire essential tools, skills and methods; discuss specific organisational issues and identify areas for improvement. Quick and easy to run anywhere in the UK – ready to go now! You provide the venue, we do everything else. Prices from just £89 per person, plus vat. Call or email for course outline and full details.


Live workshop plus comprehensive on-line course for PC and smart phone . Just £99 per person, plus vat. Call or email for course outline and full details. click here.


Technical support skills
Technical support skills

Key learning objectives 

Telephone skills, email responses, working smarter, calming upset users, saying “no” nicely, managing expectations – all covered in depth and much more besides.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Establish the standards and systems that can make every customer feel special
  • Understand what customers (whether internal or external) want and expect from you
  • Learn a range of customer-focused communication techniques, tools and skills that will help you solve questions and problems faster
  • Understand and manage customer expectations accurately so that you deliver more than you promise and exceed expectations – in what you do and HOW you do it
  • Satisfy complainers, and calm upset customers and regain confidence and goodwill
  • Turn problems into opportunities – for either greater loyalty or increased customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer satisfaction through more accurate use of questioning and problem-solving skills
  • Learn from customer problems and complaints and help prevent them in the future
  • Make every customer feel SPECIAL – using a proven model
  • Manage your time and learn practical ways to prioritise customer calls and problems effectively

Who should attend

This course is ideal for IT and technical support staff, managers and team leaders, particularly those who support or work with internal customers.


The training is very practical and objective. Very clear and specific skills, models and techniques are covered. The focus is on improving things that are already working, not going over old ground. Participants will discuss and plan new approaches to real-life examples taken from their own situations. Each element of the course includes:

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and team activities
  • High degree of participation and interaction

The course includes regular discussion, planning and other practical exercises to develop and practice the skills and methods presented. The presentations and exercises are tailored to specific situations from participants’ work. The style is up-beat and motivational.

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